What is Poké?

Poké, pronounced "POH-KAY", is a simple dish featuring fresh, raw fish cubed and seasoned delicately with sesame oil and soy sauce. From casual tailgates to elegant wedding receptions, poké is the perfect choice for any occasion because it strikes a careful balance between freshness and decadence.

Native Hawaiians were the first to navigate the world of poké. Having long enjoyed fresh, raw fish, poké was a natural progression, although it requires very little treatment. Native Hawaiian locals were known to chop up fresh tropical fish that they’d caught from the ocean, season it lightly with sea salt, seaweed, and inamona, which is a roasted and crushed candlenut. This combination of flavors and textures has since become a beloved culinary tradition on the islands and has now made its way to the mainland. 

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About US

No stranger to the world of food, Will Cook is a motivated entrepreneur and chef with a heart for people. He’s worked in a variety of kitchens - from delis to food trucks - serving a range of classic American fare to Turkish and Greek cuisine.

At a young age he learned recipes from his family, many of which were passed down for generations and were largely influenced by their rural lifestyle. Although he didn’t always eat the healthiest options, the valuable connection between food and fellowship was something he’d never forget.

Meals bring people together. Healthy, sustainable, and responsibly-sourced ingredients make it all the better. With the purchase of his own food truck and a dream of helping others, Stokes Poke will serve as a place that’s not only good for your health and your wallet but good for a smile as well.

William is joined by business partner Alejandro Flores-Munoz a community activist who is driven by a strong sense of entrepreneurship that inspired him to open two businesses, Unum Sunglasses and Progressive Button and to become a partner in Stokes Pokes. Alejandro has received several notable honors, including a proclamation from the City of Santa Ana naming June 2nd, 2015 “Alejandro Flores Day” for his service to the city and being selected by Denver Startup Week 2018 to moderate a panel on immigrant businesses in Colorado. This year he was selected to be a fellow at the Transformative Leadership for Change program which builds the strength, relationships, and power of social justice leaders in Colorado. Also in 2019 he was selected to be a food truck mentor to a cohort of mobile-food and catering owners who are ready to scale up for Mi Casa Resource Center in Denver.