Denver might be landlocked, but now the fresh and classic taste of Hawaii’s most iconic dishes is hitting the scene. Stokes Poke, a fun mobile poke joint in the form of a funky beach-style 1978 VW Bus, can be found hanging out at Finns Manor.

 With only the freshest ingredients sourced for these poke bowls, the authentic tastes of Hawaii are aptly recreated to bring you to Hawaii if you can’t make the trek. Not only are these bowls fresh and delicious, but they’re also healthy. The fish is fresh and serve on top of a hefty mound of perfectly cooked rice, garnished just right with the traditional sauces and garnishes that you would find in Kona.

If you’re never had poke before, think of it like a bowl of sushi, only better! It was created by Native Hawaiians that would season raw seafood and delight in the flavors. While their methods involved leaving the bones in, Stokes Poke assures fresh fish without the bones and hassles, only a subliminal tasting experience in every bowl.

 So why poke in Denver? Because, as great as Denver is, it’s missing out on poke. We all love to live a fresh and healthy lifestyle, and poke fits right in with that. It’s fast, flavorful, and good for you.

 You can catch a fresh bowl of poke like the Traditional Shoyu Poké with Ahi tuna, cubed up and marinated in tamari and sesame oil with adornments of scallions and sesame seeds, all over rice. Spicy Poké is a spicier version with masago thrown in for good measure. And for those that are strictly into the land, the Aloha Chicken uses grilled boneless marinated chicken in Aloha sauce with grilled pineapples.

 Make your own bowl if you’d rather. Choose your base like sushi rice, brown rice, or chips, then pick a protein. You can choose Ahi tuna, tofu, or Aloha chicken. Mix-ins come next. Choose from all kinds of fun things like masago, seaweed salad, avocado, tempura flakes, red cabbage, red onion, carrots, cucumber, jalapeno, and scallions, to name a few. Then top it off with a flavor from spicy sesame to Aloha sauce and several others in between.

 Plus, with the location in Finns Manor, you can cruise by for a fresh poke bowl and then catch some truly bespoke cocktails while checking out live music and entertainment. You’ll find creative concoctions plus old-time favorites that will make a fabulous start or finish to your Stokes Poke fresh poke bowls.  

Find Stokes Poke at Finns Manor on Wednesdays from 5pm to 10pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 2pm to 11pm, and Sundays from 2pm to 8pm, where your fresh bowl of Hawaiian goodness is waiting!